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  1. Wild Skiffington

    Wild Skiffington

    16 soat oldin

    I think it will work

  2. albert mooney

    albert mooney

    17 soat oldin

    good to know you know avenue Q.

  3. E G

    E G

    22 soat oldin

    Not Moose sitting like a person lmao

  4. Apathetic faxX

    Apathetic faxX

    22 soat oldin


  5. Jason Hancock Sr

    Jason Hancock Sr

    Kun oldin

    did on all of the Ballinger channels.

  6. Hostile Chicken

    Hostile Chicken

    Kun oldin

    WAIT... Is this MIRANDA SINGS?

  7. Melissa Feder

    Melissa Feder

    Kun oldin

    when moose is siting on the sofa so cute i am going to die (6:46)

  8. JustDucky


    2 kun oldin

    Omg! I love this sweater

  9. Yosef Cruz

    Yosef Cruz

    3 kun oldin

    The podcast room actually looks really cool. I like that it's not only a podcast room, it's a multipurpose room.😄 I hope you do an update room tour once it's done. I think you should put a projector screen that you can pull down like the ones you can see in school so you can put maybe a few more picture frames or a mirror on the sides to make the room look bigger and so that you can still have a blank white wall space to film auditions with.😁

  10. justarandomartyhuman


    3 kun oldin

    those merch drawers are every fans dream

  11. Kayla McNichols

    Kayla McNichols

    3 kun oldin

    Where’s the projector from?

  12. Ainsley Folken

    Ainsley Folken

    3 kun oldin

    Anyone else like really want a house tour? No k just me...

  13. JoeWest


    4 kun oldin

    Projectors have that great humming noise!

  14. emily boldea

    emily boldea

    4 kun oldin

    Love&Support Colleen ❣ Been a fan for the past 3 years love you n ur family woman!

  15. The Madiar Kids

    The Madiar Kids

    4 kun oldin

    there is no bell

  16. Amy Elizabeth

    Amy Elizabeth

    4 kun oldin

    I think erik should do a room tour to see how he talks about it in his own way

  17. Marie 2020

    Marie 2020

    5 kun oldin

    I don’t understand this subscribe button problems... I have never missed a video in my subscription list.

  18. eleanor aiston

    eleanor aiston

    5 kun oldin

    On your account it doesn’t let you put all notifications

  19. Payton Lamp

    Payton Lamp

    5 kun oldin


  20. Payton Lamp

    Payton Lamp

    5 kun oldin

    Hey, I need a friend to talk about life can we be friends!

  21. Paula Kenney

    Paula Kenney

    5 kun oldin

    You asked about why you can't look others right in the eyes. Honestly, a lot of people can't. My daughters have something called NVLD which stands for Nonverbal Learning Disorder. Some symptoms can be Extremely talkative, but not socially engaged, talking, but not connecting strong reading and spelling but poor comprehension. It might be something you'd want to talk to a psychiatrist about. One other thing is not being able to make eye contact for more than a few minutes at a time. I'm not a doctor, just a mom of kids with this disorder. It is also common to have ADD with it, but not always. Just might be something you'd want to explore.

  22. Betsy Hewis

    Betsy Hewis

    5 kun oldin

    I miss jesy so much ;( and as a fan I respect her decision but I'm still hoping for her to come back to Little Mix someday because Little Mix will not be Little Mix without one of them. I love these girls so much. We will miss your smiles, your laughs and your voice Jesy huhu. Please take care of yourself always, we're always here for you to pray for your fast recoveries

  23. Betsy Hewis

    Betsy Hewis

    5 kun oldin


  24. Carli 793

    Carli 793

    5 kun oldin

    me watching in my full no sleep club merch, its SO COZY

  25. Alana Umlauf

    Alana Umlauf

    5 kun oldin

    can she sing more

  26. bailey santiago

    bailey santiago

    6 kun oldin

    uztop.info/my/video/iJqabrqngdjLmqM i dunno if uve seen these but its rlly sweet....

  27. Pay plays

    Pay plays

    6 kun oldin

    Yah i do have bell on but sometimes it doesn’t work

  28. Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson

    6 kun oldin

    Love you

  29. Lucy Andersen

    Lucy Andersen

    6 kun oldin

    I’ve been notified but it didn’t give me a notification! 😩

  30. Shelby Driscoll

    Shelby Driscoll

    6 kun oldin

    Your house is literally my dream home. Could you please do a full house tour

  31. Lowri Dyer

    Lowri Dyer

    7 kun oldin

    Colleen I can’t believe you kicked Cory out😂😂❤️❤️

  32. Ella Rose

    Ella Rose

    7 kun oldin

    House tour! House tour! House tour! House tour!!

  33. LPSHailey!


    7 kun oldin

    your husbend is on a episode of vampire diaries

  34. Patrick Zhou

    Patrick Zhou

    7 kun oldin

    The outside looks nasty but you never know about the inside of that fruit.

  35. Ean Sykes

    Ean Sykes

    7 kun oldin


  36. Sydney Hershkowitz

    Sydney Hershkowitz

    8 kun oldin

    I love you

  37. Olivia T.

    Olivia T.

    8 kun oldin

    Colleen tapping on the different things is giving me asmr vibes

  38. yana samuelle magcawas

    yana samuelle magcawas

    8 kun oldin

    I love your video i m the big fam

  39. yana samuelle magcawas

    yana samuelle magcawas

    8 kun oldin

    Hi colloe

  40. Christa McCabe

    Christa McCabe

    8 kun oldin

    You should give us a house tour 🥰

  41. lila reynolds

    lila reynolds

    8 kun oldin

    Hahahaha I like banana

  42. Elise Miller23

    Elise Miller23

    8 kun oldin

    Sup hahahahah I like picklea

  43. Compton Girls

    Compton Girls

    8 kun oldin


  44. Vivian Sanford

    Vivian Sanford

    8 kun oldin

    I love your videos 😃😂😂😂😂🤔

  45. Maryam darkal

    Maryam darkal

    8 kun oldin

    did it can u say hi maryam plz i love u .u make my day

  46. horse girl

    horse girl

    8 kun oldin

    i swear colleen had 20 mill followers

  47. Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Rodrigo Rodriguez

    8 kun oldin

    And joey pls do a vidio

  48. CottoncandyH.


    8 kun oldin

    Does she live in a mansion? Bcs I always see many rooms 😂 I'm confused.

  49. Hannah Bell

    Hannah Bell

    9 kun oldin

    I have the anthology books because of voice lessons

  50. Hilary Dorsett

    Hilary Dorsett

    9 kun oldin


  51. Savannah McNulty

    Savannah McNulty

    9 kun oldin


  52. Olivia Adkins

    Olivia Adkins

    9 kun oldin

    I hat no notifications and I have had the bell on since I subscribed to you

  53. Grace R

    Grace R

    9 kun oldin

    Hi colleen! Could you do a video on trying out different period products??

  54. Abbi’s Chanel

    Abbi’s Chanel

    9 kun oldin

    Colleen and Cory should do some more sassy dancing videos. Who agreed with me😛

  55. Peniel B

    Peniel B

    9 kun oldin

    My notifications been on for my favourite youtubers like ms girl colleen and rachel hehe

  56. thumbs1193


    9 kun oldin

    What kind of projector is that?

  57. Arianna G

    Arianna G

    9 kun oldin

    i have a violin book and a bunch of sheet music but I should get some books like those

  58. nittoburn4


    9 kun oldin

    6:44 me: *look. at. that. would. you.?*

  59. Annie Thomas

    Annie Thomas

    9 kun oldin


  60. Annie Thomas

    Annie Thomas

    9 kun oldin

    Do you know Ariana Grande cause I have saw so many videos with you ad her soo?

  61. Bailey


    9 kun oldin

    Girl!!! I need a tie dye California hoodie!!! 💜

  62. Felicity Balster

    Felicity Balster

    9 kun oldin

    hi am am so excited to get ur relax merch and finaly our school is going back love u

  63. Isaiah Burwell

    Isaiah Burwell

    10 kun oldin

    For anyone wondering, the candle is spelled “Bergamot and Clementine” from the World Market

    • Angela King

      Angela King

      9 kun oldin

      I was so surprised they didn't know what bergamot is!

  64. Malcom Atkins

    Malcom Atkins

    10 kun oldin

    Im big fan are you

  65. Jay M

    Jay M

    10 kun oldin

    It’s a room... please tell me people haven’t really been begging for that 😂

  66. Snxwyy


    10 kun oldin

    Are you and Ariana Grande still friends

  67. Kaisyn Leach

    Kaisyn Leach

    10 kun oldin

    How many times she said cozy tho

  68. Maddie L

    Maddie L

    10 kun oldin


  69. Espiino


    10 kun oldin

    love this podcast 🥰

  70. Luzii Luiz th.

    Luzii Luiz th.

    10 kun oldin

    My favourite channels, everyday can't wait to see your next video, today me too wanna share my new cover song uztop.info/my/video/n5anbKSdZLa7iZc🎸🎵

  71. Ale Micheli

    Ale Micheli

    10 kun oldin

    i love love love the new podcast background!’

  72. kay.smi24


    10 kun oldin

    I wish she loved the curtain bangs like I do. Honestly my fav look on her!!

  73. noops


    10 kun oldin

    You're amazing colleen! Even with the miscarriage and all the emotional pain you still make content and still entertain everyone. Never stop being yourself! ❤️❤️

  74. noops


    10 kun oldin

    You are amazing colleen :D

  75. Jordyn Barry

    Jordyn Barry

    10 kun oldin

    ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ to Collen :)

  76. Anna Davis

    Anna Davis

    10 kun oldin

    colleen having a movie room when she never watches movies 😂

  77. Anna Davis

    Anna Davis

    10 kun oldin

    as if I don't already have notifications on

  78. joseph M

    joseph M

    11 kun oldin

    House Tour next please!!!

  79. katienowaitee93


    11 kun oldin


  80. Moggles TV

    Moggles TV

    11 kun oldin

    Wait what’s the brand of projector 😩😩

  81. illnsp08


    11 kun oldin

    Dog: Just chilling. on the sofa. Don't mind me.😂

  82. travis Snapchater hall

    travis Snapchater hall

    11 kun oldin

    i have most of the books

  83. Vicky Le

    Vicky Le

    11 kun oldin

    Does anyone know where to find the projector she has? Edit: nvm looks like its the benq gaming projector

  84. Hillary Barbour

    Hillary Barbour

    11 kun oldin

    I’m sorry but I don’t buy the whole “not in my sub box” thing.. I always see all of those videos in my sub box without having any notifications turned on

    • Aaliyah Wheeler

      Aaliyah Wheeler

      9 kun oldin

      Her vids and her vlogs don’t come in my sub box

  85. Michele Pasquarello

    Michele Pasquarello

    11 kun oldin

    This video was so much fun!!

  86. carson


    11 kun oldin

    your podcast set up is SOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! much better now ty so much

  87. Young& Wild

    Young& Wild

    11 kun oldin

    Woww who else thinks the podcast is like a museum of Erick & Colleen!!! It's such a cool room to look at! 😍

  88. Kayla Lee

    Kayla Lee

    11 kun oldin

    I’ve had post notifications on for about a year ever since you started vlogging every day

  89. richardparadox163


    11 kun oldin

    I love the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! It’s a totally underrated musical.

  90. محمد حجازي

    محمد حجازي

    11 kun oldin

    وضعي صعب 😭😭😭

  91. MontanaGal


    11 kun oldin

    Yes, but do you have the music to Baby, A Chorus line, Les Miserables, The Wiz, Hello Dolly, Chicago, Broadway Babies?? Make room on that shelf for Erik’s Emmy.

  92. Noah Johnson

    Noah Johnson

    11 kun oldin

    Are you miranda

  93. Angela Kukhotska

    Angela Kukhotska

    11 kun oldin

    Great video tour 👍 Thanks for sharing!!!!

  94. Sara Zamaftas

    Sara Zamaftas

    12 kun oldin

    I got an ad for a new Disney movie while watching this video and I thought it was awesome because it’s about a superhero squirrel and it’s live action- my point is is that I feel like Flynn would love it! It’s called Flora and Ulysses

  95. CatRena Rose

    CatRena Rose

    12 kun oldin

    9:46 "I just think it's very cute" *_CRASH_*

  96. thafeeneedstohush


    12 kun oldin

    it looks so good!!

  97. Paige Hunter

    Paige Hunter

    12 kun oldin

    This wasn't really a good vlog l missed your intro

  98. Kalea Dorf-Cardenas

    Kalea Dorf-Cardenas

    12 kun oldin

    it does work

  99. Katie Saldivar

    Katie Saldivar

    12 kun oldin

    The notification bell doesn’t do anything either . UZtop is like all social media the more you interact with something the more you see it . The few channels I had notifications on years ago would never show up in my feed or suggested videos . I turned the notifications off and went on a random like and comment spree on the stuff I wanted to see more and it fixed the issue. If you don’t want to miss a video/post from things you want to see comment often and like the videos .

  100. Eliot K

    Eliot K

    12 kun oldin

    Flinn dictionary Dar Dar= Car Ro Ro= video Couchy= cozy Add more in the comments