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    14 soat oldin

    LOL i mean 5:15



    14 soat oldin

    he like im outta here lol 22:56

  3. Connie Masullo

    Connie Masullo

    17 soat oldin

    I seriously bought the pimple device and it works amazing! Buy it!

  4. Julie Erban

    Julie Erban

    3 kun oldin

    Your doing the tomato cutter wrong you where supposed to squeeze the two ends together and by the way I love your videos and can you please give me a shout out

  5. Uniwolf


    4 kun oldin

    Try the tomato cutter with a plastic knife

  6. Orly Gonzales

    Orly Gonzales

    6 kun oldin

    colleen: are you really that lazy, you can’t just go grab a fork? colleen literally like 1 minute before that: i just stick my fingers in the pickle juice

  7. Matilda Cochran

    Matilda Cochran

    6 kun oldin

    Colleen so I have one hand so the tomato cutter will maybe help me so even thought he noise if it helps I’m all in for it

  8. Liv S

    Liv S

    6 kun oldin

    Just buy a pineapple that’s already cut

  9. names ar not IMPORTIANT :D

    names ar not IMPORTIANT :D

    7 kun oldin

    the fact that pineapples eat the protein in ur mouth the longer u keep it in there and the fact she had it in her mouth for a while- i was cringing so hard-

  10. GRAPES


    7 kun oldin

    You should do this again

  11. Maeve Mc geehin

    Maeve Mc geehin

    8 kun oldin

    The leopard lady scruber looks like miranda 😗

  12. Mikayla Houston

    Mikayla Houston

    8 kun oldin

    I had my head phones on when she was curing the tomato 🍅 it was horrendous 😵😵

  13. Nixon Salunga

    Nixon Salunga

    9 kun oldin

    your only suposed to put it in the microwave for 3 mins

  14. jen c

    jen c

    9 kun oldin

    ‘Total garbage trash’

  15. Sophia C

    Sophia C

    9 kun oldin

    It's called angry mama because now your an angry mama because the smell duh

  16. you tube

    you tube

    10 kun oldin

    the Karen brush is Miranda ?

  17. Update lilah

    Update lilah

    11 kun oldin

    For holloween I dressed up as you as miranda sings u da best🤪🤩

  18. Alyda Marincovich

    Alyda Marincovich

    12 kun oldin

    honestly the strainer thing would be super handy for students or people living in tiny apartments because it doesn't take up as much room as a proper strainer

  19. Cadance Bonollo

    Cadance Bonollo

    12 kun oldin

    You are the best and i love love love love haters back off so much

  20. Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    13 kun oldin

    I love your channel so much

  21. Sophia Santos

    Sophia Santos

    13 kun oldin

    Can you wear stuff from the 80’s or toys

  22. Razannes fun

    Razannes fun

    13 kun oldin

    Your holding the tomato slicer upside down

  23. Layla Ruiz

    Layla Ruiz

    13 kun oldin

    What if you need it to be soft butter 🧈 idk bc it looked hared

  24. Ruby Forsgren

    Ruby Forsgren

    13 kun oldin

    So sad, anyone here after the miscarriage?? 😭

  25. beetles1964


    14 kun oldin

    I feel like the strainer exists for people like me whose kitchen sink is always full of dirty dishes.

  26. Charlotte Harbaugh

    Charlotte Harbaugh

    14 kun oldin

    Someone hasn't microwaved pasta before!

  27. Siimplyy Mi rockelle

    Siimplyy Mi rockelle

    14 kun oldin

    I knew the pineapple 🍍 would have juice

  28. Siimplyy Mi rockelle

    Siimplyy Mi rockelle

    14 kun oldin

    1:37 I didn’t this it would work either but this is my second time watching this

  29. Siimplyy Mi rockelle

    Siimplyy Mi rockelle

    14 kun oldin

    Hi I’m in the future

  30. Ellen Presley

    Ellen Presley

    16 kun oldin

    i have had that uncrustable maker for awhile. we use it for mini apple pies.

  31. Julianna McCracken

    Julianna McCracken

    16 kun oldin

    It's for help cleaning up a microwave

    • Julianna McCracken

      Julianna McCracken

      16 kun oldin

      Your welcome

  32. Trinity Mollenkopf

    Trinity Mollenkopf

    18 kun oldin

    Colleen: If this thing works than I will be a happy lady Me: So your not a happy lady?

  33. Mony Cooke

    Mony Cooke

    19 kun oldin

    I have this pinopon thing

  34. roblox and gacha bird

    roblox and gacha bird

    19 kun oldin

    For the tomato slicer I'm pretty sure you were suppose to squeeze but not positive

  35. Sweet Punky

    Sweet Punky

    19 kun oldin

    Colleen: I am shook Me: COLLEEN IS |~|S H O O K E T H |~|

  36. Heather Hybner

    Heather Hybner

    20 kun oldin

    It worked for me

  37. welcome to maisys life have fun

    welcome to maisys life have fun

    20 kun oldin

    Are you maranda sings ??

  38. Noice


    22 kun oldin

    No wonder they call it angry momma

  39. Weirdo Fun

    Weirdo Fun

    22 kun oldin

    I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVVE the sound of the tomato cuter

  40. Chloe’s Fun and games

    Chloe’s Fun and games

    23 kun oldin

    You Should do a video on testing summer products

  41. Sloth


    24 kun oldin

    Not 2 people 200 people who recommended

  42. sidney lomboy

    sidney lomboy

    25 kun oldin

    the uncrustable is supposed to be used both sides u pin both sides

  43. Girl Gamez By mw

    Girl Gamez By mw

    25 kun oldin


  44. Payzlee Price

    Payzlee Price

    25 kun oldin

    i love cooleen

  45. Kenna Eusted

    Kenna Eusted

    25 kun oldin

    I have an uncle named Cory 😂



    25 kun oldin

    You used frozen butter instead of room temperature butter for the knife thing

  47. Kathy Heslep

    Kathy Heslep

    26 kun oldin

    My sis hates crust so that one is awsome for us!

  48. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin

    Hi hey Likeit

  49. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin

    Hi hey 👋 likeit

  50. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin

    Hi hey 👋

  51. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin

    Hi hey

  52. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin


  53. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin


  54. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin


  55. Sarah Lindsey

    Sarah Lindsey

    26 kun oldin


  56. Jiya Garg

    Jiya Garg

    27 kun oldin

    I just keep coming back to this video to see her reaction to the pineapple slicer😂

  57. Lauren Antonelli

    Lauren Antonelli

    27 kun oldin

    when she said I wonder if they can hear the screeching through the camera yes colleen we can.

  58. Anoushka Puri

    Anoushka Puri

    27 kun oldin

    Butt heee

  59. Anujin Ganzorig

    Anujin Ganzorig

    28 kun oldin

    When your microwave is really dirty and his house platters around not when there's. So it's really hard to clean the splatter so you put it her and becomes really easy



    28 kun oldin

    I love it when she say omg wuah

  61. Vilma Melva

    Vilma Melva

    28 kun oldin

    The graceful india semiannually switch because toy subjectively back a a trite wrinkle. tightfisted, lethal camel

  62. Cadence Brewer

    Cadence Brewer

    28 kun oldin

    Are You maranda sings

    • Cadence Brewer

      Cadence Brewer

      27 kun oldin

      Oh ok

    • Pippa Wright

      Pippa Wright

      27 kun oldin

      Miranda sings is a character Colleen made up and plays

  63. Its Me

    Its Me

    28 kun oldin

    Can u do a thorough one

  64. Kansas Wilson

    Kansas Wilson

    29 kun oldin

    The angry mama doesn’t work on stains I have been there for Over four years I know the angry mama I have worked great but our microwave we clean a lot so there’s not like a stain on our microwave

  65. Deidera From naruto

    Deidera From naruto

    29 kun oldin

    Do a part 3

  66. David Treagus

    David Treagus

    29 kun oldin

    I don't mide the sound

  67. Lydia Ploessl

    Lydia Ploessl

    29 kun oldin

    Me 8 months later seeing this and Flynn look so young! ❤️

  68. Madison Breitenbach

    Madison Breitenbach

    Oy oldin

    the angry mama loosens the crusty if its stuck

  69. Alexis Haywood

    Alexis Haywood

    Oy oldin

    she said u need fresh bread

  70. Michael Sacra

    Michael Sacra

    Oy oldin

    The angry momma your supposed to use if u have like caped on hard stuff in there (like a liquid dried in there) and it will soften it then you wipe it up

  71. Alexis Haywood

    Alexis Haywood

    Oy oldin

    ya it is the bread my mom works at papmered chef she has all the stuff lol

  72. Alexis Haywood

    Alexis Haywood

    Oy oldin

    mewhen i got to the store looks at the uncrustables not seeing the nutells goes to target there they are

  73. jodimcdonald


    Oy oldin

    stop being mean

  74. Milan Balt

    Milan Balt

    Oy oldin

    Me watching this when she had a miscarrige 😔

  75. Bethany Vickers

    Bethany Vickers

    Oy oldin

    i was gonna get the strainer thing for my fiancé but i’m glad i watched this first

  76. Cecilia Hernandez

    Cecilia Hernandez

    Oy oldin

    Do part 3

  77. Gigi William

    Gigi William

    Oy oldin

    Is it just me loving the sound of nails on a chalkboard-like SATISFYINGGGGGGGGGG

  78. Brandy Nickerson2

    Brandy Nickerson2

    Oy oldin

    The sassy woman that uses he hair to clean your dishes she looks like the mom from the movie crudes.

  79. Cynthia Chevez

    Cynthia Chevez

    Oy oldin

    you said colleen balletger

  80. Alexa Neuhauser

    Alexa Neuhauser

    Oy oldin

    I love you ❤

  81. Sofia C

    Sofia C

    Oy oldin

    Do it again

  82. Damaris


    Oy oldin

    You got mad when you used it and it’s called angry mama it’s supposed to make mom’s is mad

  83. Oswald Raven

    Oswald Raven

    Oy oldin

    the butter is too cold

  84. Shantelle World

    Shantelle World

    Oy oldin

    Love you 💗💗

  85. McKenna Scott

    McKenna Scott

    Oy oldin

    WOW. UZtop and the no skip ads got to stop!

  86. Sydney Peterson

    Sydney Peterson

    Oy oldin

    Did anyone else hear that sound when she was cutting the tomatoes It literally hurt my ears

  87. Sydney Peterson

    Sydney Peterson

    Oy oldin

    Do 1 more😈

  88. My life as Harp

    My life as Harp

    Oy oldin

    She should be a chef if she loves cooking

  89. Ella Ahmad

    Ella Ahmad

    Oy oldin

    Can u try buying some fidget toys from Amazon?

  90. Beth Sarapa

    Beth Sarapa

    Oy oldin

    She did it wrong

  91. maya grace and chloe rose’s gymnastics

    maya grace and chloe rose’s gymnastics

    Oy oldin

    The sink scrubber girl thing reminds me of Maranda 😂😂😂

  92. Alien Gaming

    Alien Gaming

    Oy oldin

    you need to push very hard on the sandwich maker

  93. Livy and Kiki

    Livy and Kiki

    Oy oldin

    The noise of the tomato cutter made me want to die right then and there.

  94. Halen Bridges

    Halen Bridges

    Oy oldin

    I've used that crust cutter since I was like 3..I love it!!

  95. The Ava Show

    The Ava Show

    Oy oldin

    No more Colleen’s corner

  96. Allie Henderson

    Allie Henderson

    Oy oldin

    Your mom said excuse me 🤣

  97. Christine Rhomberg

    Christine Rhomberg

    Oy oldin

    can you look riverdale??

  98. Lucy de Klerk

    Lucy de Klerk

    Oy oldin

    Take venager and wipe it l do it

  99. Nikki Dunn

    Nikki Dunn

    Oy oldin

    I don’t think you were supposed to cut in the middle of the tomato slicer you’re supposed to squeeze it

  100. Karen Garcia

    Karen Garcia

    Oy oldin

    There are some form of knifes that look like plastic but for sure it cuts very good. You should try that knife instead of the metal.